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Police Officer under probe for piercing daughter’s eyes

By William Madouk

A police officer who pierced the eyes of his daughter in Warrap State has been brought to Juba for further investigation, the South Sudan national police department confirmed.

In April, Mary Akuot became the latest recorded victim of gender-based violence after her father damaged both of her eyes for marrying a man whom he did not approve.

The victim, Akuot had both of her eyes damaged by her father, Mr. Angelo Agany who claims that he was annoyed by the decision of the 18-year-old Akuot to marry another man contrary to his wish.

The father, who has since been arrested, said he committed the act as a lesson so that her daughter “would never see men, again”.

The man was infuriated after his daughter jumped into another relationship barely two months after her first marriage collapsed.

Police spokesperson, Maj-Gen. Daniel Justin told No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper, that the suspect, identified as Angelo Agany has been brought to Juba from Tonj East County to Juba, for investigation.

“When the investigation finishes that will update you [of the further step that is taken,” he added.

Mr. Justin said the investigation committee is proceeding well and they would finalize their inquiry as soon as possible.

He added that the prosecutor general would now decide the case whether to be taken to the military court or be referred to GBV court for trial.

General Justin explained that the process of producing the suspect before court depends on completion of investigation.

The police spokesperson disclosed the girl who has been categorized as “victim of gender-based violence” would soon be taken to Germany for further treatment.

“She is supposed to be taken to Germany for further treatment,” Justin noted.

According to Article 238.2 of the penal code, when convicted, the police spokesperson said, the suspect risks serving the rest of his life, in jail.

The law states that: “Whoever voluntarily causes grievous hurt by any such means shall be punished with imprisonment for a term not exceeding ten years and may be liable to a fine.” He added.

The violent act prompted a nationwide condemnation from general public with civil society calling for justice to be served.

Justin said that all reported cases of Gender-Based Violence in the country will be dealt with to the final conclusion.

The minister of justice and constitutional affairs is also keen following the unfortunate incident where both eyes of an 18-year-old girl were gouged out by her father, about a fortnight ago.

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