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Nyamlel Bridge Excites Farmers

By Hou Akot Hou

Local residents living in the far areas of Aweil bordering Sudan who do agricultural activities such as growing groundnuts in huge feddans have expressed happiness over the completion of the Nyamlel Bridge that was inaugurated this week.

Dut Garang, the local farmer who lives far ends of Jaac near River Kiir who owns a big farm said his farm produce used not to reach Aweil but now with the availability of Nyamlel Bridge he would be crossing to town using his bicycle to transport the food items for sale.

Garang said, whether with rain or sunshine, he is optimistic the bridge would ease the transportation of the items and people moving to the town where services are being sought.

“In the highland locally known as Gok-nhom, we produce crops such as groundnuts. At times, we sell them to the Arabs who border us and now that the bridge is complete, we will be coming straight to Aweil Town and sell at will,” he noted.

Mr. Garang however underscored that even with the other pressing issues anyone who needs to rush to Aweil can now use boda-boda means of transport to easily to get to town.

Northern Bahr El Ghazal State Information Minister, William Anyuon Akuol told media on Wednesday during the inauguration of the bridge that other developmental activities will now flourish.

“Ayat Company left this bridge incomplete for years, but it is now completed. The government of South Sudan has a plan to be connected with the neighboring countries such as Sudan and beyond like Libya” he said.

“The referral hospital is one and it is Aweil Civil hospital. The other two counties, say, Aweil West and North residents have been languishing as pregnant and lactating mothers with complications have been experiencing difficulties in reaching Aweil hospital but now it is solved,” the minister added.

Anyuon stated that the bridge is going to get busy in a few days as engineers are finalizing on the last touches.


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