Burglary on Increase in Refugees Camp

By Jurugo Emmanuel Ogasto

A block leader at Nyumanzi refugee settlement in zone II has appealed for vigilance and alert as cases of house break-ins are on the rise.

At the start of last week, residents of Nyumanzi refugee settlement block “C” registered rampant cases of house break-ins during the night.

Taban Remis attributed most of the theft cases to negligence from the community in protecting their property.

“It is not the government, police, army and block leaders to guide you, but you provide security for your own self, take care of your properties and report matters of insecurity,” Taban noted.

He further disclosed that majority of the people live their houses open as they attend night discos where the thieves take advantage to steal.

Meanwhile Maiku Ipai Frank, a youth leader in Grace Baptist Church said there is no immediate solution to the cases of house break-ins as he appealed to the public to be watchful of wrong elements.

“The solution is first, you the owner of the shop or the house, you must build up your own security by either recruiting at list a local guide if its shop break-in,” Maiku appealed to the public.

He further noted that neither the police nor the refugee leaders can be everywhere to monitor as most people are asleep.

Minzira Stella, a woman leader attributed the rampant theft cases to the idealness of youths who are much engaged in drugs abuse.

It’s also reported that majority of the house break-in cases occur during the night when house owners are all for night discos.

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