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CEPO calls for speedy enactment of election law

By Emelda Siama John Lopula

The Executive Director of Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO), Mr. Edmund Yakani, has called on the cabinet to ensure the Election Bill is timely tabled at the floor of parliament for enactment as anticipated.

Yakani also urged President Salva Kiir Mayardit to direct the Minister of Justice and that of Cabinet Affairs to ensure the Transitional National Legislative Assembly has the copy of the National Election amendment Bill, in time.

The national Election act amendment bill 2023 was passed by the Council of Ministers the cabinet, few weeks ago and now awaiting tabling to the parliament by the justice minister for further scrutiny.

“We are raising these concerns because we are disturbed,” the activist said.

Yakani observed that conducting election by December 2024, calls for an accelerated and speedy actions.

“Approximately, ratification of National election law at least within the week, reconstitution of the National electoral commission within the month of May,” he said.

The Activist pointed that both the National constitution drafting committee needs to be constituted as well as reconstitution of the political Parties council within the month of May.

“So that in June, we role all necessary actions that are associated with civic education to create a conducive environment or inform citizens about the conduct of the election in December 2024,” he stated.

Yakani fears South Sudan might fall into a trap like Sudan if the government misses the month of June without the institutions and functions with their related legislations, for credible and peaceful elections, by December 2024.

He noted that Sudan crisis was an issue of where people failed to sequent elections and constitution making process.

“Rescue the country from falling into question of political legitimacy or imposed violence due to acts of political legitimacy and political legitimacy is regained after the extended period through conduct of election and through a constitution,” he said.

Yakani said there is a need to have constitution by February 2024; there is also a need to accelerate the actions within the six months and civic education related to the elections.

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