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Minister Albino turns eyes on coffer as SSP 1 billion windup

By William Madouk

South Sudan Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management, turns eyes on coffer for a release of another fund, to curb the dire humanitarian situation of Sudan’s conflict victims.

Minister Albino Akol Atak revealed that the SSP 1 billion that the ministry of finance and planning, released, to manage humanitarian needs of those escaping war from Sudan, is almost finished.

Earlier, Humanitarian Affairs ministry, requested over $ 4 million, from the Ministry of Finance as emergency response funds to address the needs of people fleeing the Sudan War.

However, the ministry of finance only transferred SSP 1 billion to the humanitarian Affairs docket, as a first payment to enable it to make a swift response to plight of the needy.

Hon. Atak cited that his ministry had conducted 20 trips of evacuating returnees from Polach to Juba and Wau, carrying a total of over 7,000 people, to their final destinations.

“These were mostly the vulnerable people,” he added.

He noted that due to insufficient funds that was transferred to his docket a lot of vulnerable people are still stranded in Renk airport and urged the minister of finance to release more resources.

“There is another number that is now waiting to be taken from Renk to Abyei, Bentiu and other areas. The little funds that were release to us as Ministry from ministry of Finance are now ending,” he noted.

Hon. Atak stressed that his ministry was waiting for more funding to start another group of trips, mainly from Renk to other areas.

The continuing conflict in Sudan still forced thousands of people to flee into South Sudan.

“As the ministry we are now ready with the team on the ground to make sufficient intervention, but the challenges remain the same,” he stressed.

One of the challenges is insufficient resources for the ministry to intervene on time and higher influx of war victims is another challenge facing South Sudan.

The minister also cited difficulties in managing influx of refugees and returnees, saying delays lead to concentration at particular areas, as more keep on reporting and increasing the population.

“While you are relocating, you will delay and people will continue suffering, so these are the challenges that are there.” He added.

Hon. Atak stated that government of South Sudan through humanitarian affairs is committed to alleviate the suffering of the people.


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