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Youth detain 10 gov’t officials in Jonglei

By Manas James Okony

A delegation of 10 senior state government officials was detained in Jonglei State’s Duk County over unpaid wages by a group of youth contracted to provide security along the Bor-Gadiang road.

The delegation consisting of ministers, an advisor, and members of parliament, is led by state roads minister, Mawich Makuach, and it was on an official mission to Gadiang town.

Duk County commissioner, Peter Latjor Chuol, told No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper that the senior government officials were detained since 6 May.

“It is true there are government officials who are now under youth detention in my county. Those are from Uror, Akobo, and Nyirol counties who have been providing patrols for safety and security of those constructing a road in Gadiang for the last three months,” Latjor explained.

According to the commissioner, the youths alleged they were detaining the officials over nonpayment of their money.

He added that 300 youth are from Akobo, 150 from Nyirol, and other 150 from Uror, while those from Duk County were under different road project, clearing shrubs of which they were paid.

“Now, these youths are saying that they are detaining the officials to pressure the government to have their alleged wages cleared,” he said.

Commissioner Latjor however disclosed that the matter was being handled by the state and national government.

“This issue is not under my responsibility. It has been reported to state and national government and I think a solution will be found soon. I don’t know the amount being demanded,” he added.

However, Elizabeth Nyadak, the state information minister, said she could not comment on the matter.

Meanwhile, Gatluak Reath Wuol, the Uror youth leader, said he learnt of the incident but that they were unable to engage the disgruntled youth.

“We learnt of this by hearsay and there is no proper communication in Gadiang. So, for now, I don’t have a clue on how far they have gone,” he said.

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