Four suspected criminals arrested in Koch County

By Yien Gattuor Mead Kuich

At least four armed criminal suspects have been arrested following reports of cyclic attacks on cattle camps in Koch County of Unity State.

Koch County Commissioner, Gordon Koang Biel revealed that the arrest followed a tip-off that armed youths had planned to carry out a revenge attack on a rival cattle camp.

He was prompted to deploy the police to check on an escalation of intercommunal violence.

Commissioner Koang said that on 14 May, armed youths attacked policemen at the station, which ensued a heavy gunfire exchange, but neither death nor injuries were reported.

“Armed youth from the cattle camps attacked police officers, in the ensuing fracas, one youth was hit with the butt of a gun,” he explained.

Koang said the four suspects were apprehended and brought to the station after deploying government forces to surround the armed youth.

“We also sat down and tasked the relatives of six of the armed youths who fled and evaded arrest to bring them to the police,” Commissioner Koang added.

He said the organized forces were providing security in the cattle camps and urged the people of Koch County to embrace peace.

“The (4) who have been arrested are being investigated and their case will be taken to the local court,” he said.

According to the commissioner, the suspects are being held at Rubkona.

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