Adjumani district bans transportation of livestock at night

By Jurugo Emmanuel Ogasto

Authorities in Adjumani district of Uganda’s West Nile region have banned the ferrying of livestock in and outside the district during night hours.

The ban is an effort by the authorities to curb rampant theft of livestock in the area.

The decision was made by the district executive committee members, and it is expected to be implemented by the relevant stakeholders including the police.

Konyio Grace, a member of the executive committee, told No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper that local authorities including village leaders and the police will collaborate to ensure implementing the order.

“We have village leaders and even the youths of the village, they will arrest those who violate the order,” she said.

Mitiripkwe Joyce, a woman leader in Agojo refugee settlement, cited that her two bulls were stolen within the same week.

She appreciated the district authorities for coming up with the great measures to mitigate livestock theft cases.

“They stole my plough last week at night, I believe this will help the entire district in Adjumani,” she commended.

“These thieves patrol the whole night especially in Agojo refugee settlement,” she added.

Reports in Adjumani police station indicate that more than 20 cases of cattle theft were registered since January this year.


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