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MPs angry over skyrocketing prices

By Bida Elly David

Parliamentary siting on Monday turned tense as MPs were visibly angry over skyrocketing commodity prices in the markets across the country.

A section of Lawmakers blames the executive, saying they focus so much on the Sudan crisis rather than solve the deteriorating economy in the country.

In the last few weeks, commodity prices have skyrocketed as the South Sudanese Pounds fell to a record low against the US dollars. As of yesterday, a $1 clocked 1,000SSP.

An ordinary Citizen now has to dig deeper into the pockets to afford a daily meal.

Speaking during the sitting, Hon. Dusman Joyce James slammed the leadership for failing to make market intervention to beef speculators involved in consistent monopoly.

Dusman angrily testified that some families have resorted to begging, due to difficulties they face towards meeting basic needs.

The legislator said that after conducting market research, she discovered 50kgs of maize flour has clocked above 30,000 SSP, 50 kg of Sugar now costs 50,000 SSP, a barrel of water 1,500SSP while prices for other essential commodities keep skyrocketing without a control mechanism.

Dusman furthermore said that putting much focus in mediating Sudanese crisis by the government watching South Sudanese die of hunger is lack of responsibility.

“We are here busy talking about Khartoum while we in South Sudan are suffering. The economy is going out of hands. A common citizen who could formerly get 500 SSP battles survival. Up to next week a $1 will reach 120 SSP,’’ Dusman said.

She slammed the parliament itself for having failed to raise continuous motions against the executive that continuously fail to create stability for civil sake.

Joyce said that government will be held accountable in case of civil mortality that will transpire as a result of starvation.

“We in the parliament are even keeping quiet over this matter while citizens are dying across the Country without meals on their table,’’ Joyce reiterated.

She insisted that the August House should speedily summon the concerned ministers over their failures including the mayor of Juba City Council.

On his part, John Agany bombarded the executive for allowing the dollar to take control of the money market, creating inflation.

He suggested total ban of the use of the United States Dollars to free the Country from the continuous turmoil.

He said that leaving the market to run under free market economy has opened room for monopolists and speculators to take the overall control of the system while government is supposed to put critical measures.

Agany also suggested immediate summon of the concerned institutions to answer questions as to why intervention measures are not prioritized.

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