Moyo leaders demand correct burial site for Emin Pasha

By Jurugo Emmanuel Ogasto

A section of stakeholders in Moyo district have continued to demand for the exact burial site of Emin Pasha an Austrian traveler and explorer.

Pasha was the colonial Governor of equatorial in the 1850. He fought slave trade in the present day Dufile sub-county in Moyo district, where he was confined in fort Dufile during a mutiny in 1888 following the Battle of Dufile.

The demand of the community follows the unrest about the exact point where he was buried because there are diverged opinions about his burial. Some claimed that he was buried in Dufile a claim which has been refuted by others.

Despite the disagreement, Moyo district local government constructed a graveyard at fort Dufile where the explorer is believed to have been buried.

But Anyanjo Terry the Moyo district secretary for social services was inquisitive in knowing the exact burial site of Mr. Pasha since the district has been spending money to maintain the said graveyard.

Mr. Asusi JB Sam, the secretary for finance says that facts about the burial place of Pasha   have to be established since the district has been approving budgets to cater for the grave that is believed to be for Emin Pasha.

“May be the district is protecting an ant hill that is believed to be Emin Pasha’s grave. If he is not buried here let that grave in Dufile be demolished so that the next generation is well informed about this place,” Asusi remarked.

However, Mr. Alex Kayola, the Moyo district tourism officer reveals that, after the Battle of Dufile in 1888, between Mahdist forces and a garrison loyal to the Khedive of Egypt, Emin Pasha left and went to Congo via Wadelai where he met his death.

For his part Mr. Andevu Ceaser the Direct elected Councilor of Laropi town council in Moyo district appealed to the elders in Dufile Sub County not to brainwash the leaders in the district but rather say the truth about the explorer.

According to reports, Emin Pasha was killed by two Arab Slave traders at Kinena Station in the Congo free state, ear Nyangwe,  on the 23rd or 24 October 1892

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