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Unity State parliament reopens after 7 months recess

By Yien Gattuor

Unity State Transitional Legislative Assembly reopened for parliamentary business on Monday after legislators returned from a 7-month-long recess.

Joseph Monytuil Wejang, the Governor of Unity State, officially inaugurated the state August House during its first sitting after the recess.

Unity State Transitional Legislative Assembly, speaker, Rt. Hon. Ustaz Nger Banguot, during the opening session, urged the lawmakers to remain united and focus on bringing lasting peace among communities in the State.

He said that the parliamentary session was supposed to have opened on September 9 last year, but it was delayed due to the governor’s forum, and the renovation of the state parliamentary building.

Banguot said the assembly will focus on peace implementation and ensure that returnees who recently fled conflict in neighboring Sudan are resettled and provided with necessary humanitarian assistance such as food, medicine and shelter.

The speaker also disclosed that the legislative assembly will deal with the issue of dredging the Nam River, which raised controversy within the public, last year.

Governor, Joseph Monytuil Wejang, said that his government is committed to working together with the state legislative assembly to bring lasting peace, development and the dredging of the Nam River.

“I have committed myself to implementing the South Sudan peace agreement without reservation, and I assure you and promise to work hand- in- hand with you to bring permanent peace in the community, our state is calm because of our efforts to bring lasting peace,” Monytuil said.

Meanwhile, MP Yien Padiel Tut, representing Leer County, in Unity State Transitional Legislative Assembly told No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper Tuesday that he got down to his community at the grassroots to get their needs.

“What I have seen from the communities they are lacking services. Communities lack services like hospitals, schools, good drinking water and youth employment.

Padiel said he is going to make representation of the issues he got from the grassroots of his constituencies in terms of service delivery.

The Transitional Legislative Assembly went for a long recess since 9th November, last year.


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