Pibor runs short of commodities, prices shoot up

By Manas James Okony

Pibor town, in the Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA), has been hit by shortage of basic commodities due to the closure of the Pibor-Bor road.

The road has been the lifeline, linking Pibor to the national capital, Juba.

Chairperson of Pibor Chamber of Commerce, Philip Ngachallan, told No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper that the closure of the road due to insecurity has led to shortage of commodities and rise in prices.

“We have not been able to use the road since March. Bor-Pibor road is the main road linking us to Juba, so we have not been able to supply goods,” he said.

According to Ngachallan, basic commodities like sugar, flour, and cooking oil are running out of stock, and there is a rise in the prices of the few ones that are available.

The business official said despite the suffering, traders have opted for air transport at a high cost, to avail good for the people.

“We have now resorted to supplying goods by air, which is very expensive. A glass of cooking oil increased from 100 SSP to 400 SSP, while a kilo of flour and sugar now sells for 3000 SSP from 800 a few months ago,” he lamented.

Meanwhile, Abraham Kelang, the GPAA Information Minister, said the road has been closed since April 26 and that efforts are going to secure the reopening.

“Life is not easy. Since April 26, no aid or commercial truck convoys have been able to come to Pibor because of insecurity,” Kelang said.

Kelang added that the main Juba-Pibor Road that supplied Pibor was closed because it passes through a wildlife reserve while the other via Eastern Equatoria is impassable due to floods.

The official said authorities in Jonglei State and the national government are engaged in finding a solution.

Mr. John Abraham, a resident of Pibor town, said the situation could worsen in the coming months if nothing is done.

“Our situation is very difficult. Prices are very high for us to afford and as you know we have not been cultivating because of insecurity. So, our situation is really very deplorable,” Abraham noted.


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