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Refugee woman suffers miscarriage at Wadwil

 By Hou Akot Hou

A youth activist has raised concerns over dire living conditions of female Sudanese refugees, as a woman reportedly had a miscarriage.

Mangar Bol, who is based in Wadwil at Gok-juer of Aweil West County in Northern Bahr El Ghazal State, where the refugees have been relocated, described the situation in the camp as “catastrophic.”

He told No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper that the refugees who were brought to the area last week are being badly affected by a number of issues that include a lack of proper health services, among others.

The youth activist disclosed that a refugee woman was rushed to Aweil state civil hospital after she suffered a miscarriage.

“The refugees are experiencing a lot of problems as it is rainy season now and they sleep in the open air, and many diseases are on the rise,” he said, adding that “one woman had a miscarriage.”

The expectant mother was seen bleeding seriously.

Bol said they are more “mindful of the refugees’ concerns.”

He appealed to the international humanitarian organizations that went to the area to return with full aid.

“It is the rainy season, and when it pours heavily, it will impact the refugees as cases of pneumonia in the children will occur,” Bol noted.

The refugees hosted in Wadwil had fled the war in Sudan with hundreds of thousands of returnees whom the government urged to return to their areas of origin.

The state government has also pledged to do what it can to preempt the emerging conditions.


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