SPLM Response to Nathaniel Oyet’s biased opinion on SPLM and CPC relations

By Bol Makueng Yuol

On Monday, 22nd May 2023, Hon. Nathaniel Oyet of Riek Machar’s group, dubbed Deputy Chairman of the group, launched a biased, negative and disinformation attack on the SPLM’s relations with the Communist Party of China (CPC). Aired out in the No.1 Citizen Newspaper, Oyet made misleading statements intended to tarnish the image of the SPLM and ignorantly presented the People’s Republic of China as a One Political party State under the CPC!

In his questioning of the relations between the SPLM and CPC, Oyet baselessly asserts that: he is worried about the relations between the two political parties and that the CPC is coaching the SPLM into its ideology of one-party state of China of Communist Party. This is in addition to many of his fabricated utterances, which he alluded to the Statement by the SPLM Secretary General, Cde Peter Lam Both, when the SPLM delegation arrived in China last month.

When the SPLM delegation arrived in Beijing last month, Cde Peter Lam Both, the SPLM Secretary General openly and clearly informed the media that the SPLM delegation went to China to sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with CPC and for the members to learn about how poverty was defeated in China. Where is the problem here?

Oyet’s other blunder is his attempt to mislead the public by trying to teach the SPLM about political values of pluralistic democracy – the original core SPLM policy of liberation and governance! He accused the SPLM of not allowing a political space for other political parties.

The first response to this episode of these biased intended blunders is to inform the public that Oyet hails from a group that thrives politically through preaching hatred and violence among South Sudanese, and at the same time collaborating with foreign powers that are committed to undermine the sovereignty of South Sudan.

Moreover, Oyet is not aware that there are nine democratic political parties including the CPC in China. One wonders where Oyet finds his information about the People’s Republic of China being a one-party state. He seems to just say whatever he feels as a weapon to fight the SPLM and tarnish its image by projecting the relations between the SPLM and CPC as leading to building a one state party. Oyet is worried about their group’s unpopularity in South Sudan and is finding the relations between the SPLM and CPC to be a scapegoat.

By claiming that the SPLM does not want a political space for other political parties, is Oyet really with us in South Sudan mentally? There are 14 registered legitimate political parties in South Sudan and Oyet’s group is not there. It is the SPLM that has all along been calling Riek/Oyet’s group to go democratic by producing a political programme in form of a constitution, manifesto, registering in the political party’s council and going for a free, transparent and fair elections with other democratic parties.

Instead of following these democratic steps, Oyet’s group political programme is to unleash a negative propaganda, public disinformation, committing gross political and ethical mistakes, and then playing the victim’s role. For example, recently, it was the Riek/Oyet’s group commissioner that gave the SPLM peace delegation members in Fangak 24 hours to leave the area. This is a commissioner who was officially appointed in Juba and who should abide by democratic ideals and values of this country. Two days ago, Oyet’s group was celebrating their registration in Wau in their cosmetic show of democratic practice. Is SPLM not in Wau where the group is conducting celebrations?

The SPLM’s commonality with CPC is not a secret. The CPC fought a liberation war from 28 years (1921 – 1949) while the SPLM fought a liberation war for 21 years (1983 – 2004/5). Both political parties ended up being ruling parties in their respective countries. The liberation war by both organisations was waged against the enemies with common features: invaders, colonisers, slavers, wealth plunderers, humiliation and dehumanisation…to impoverishment.

The CPC inherited a destroyed poor rural country and exactly, this was what the SPLM found in South Sudan in 2005. The CPC has led its people out of abject poverty through well-planned social and economic policies. What is wrong with SPLM learning from such a political party with these noble policies?

It should be clear to Oyet and group that SPLM will never be CPC, and neither will CPC be SPLM. The relations between the SPLM and CPC are based on fundamental cardinal principles: independence, complete equality with win-win results, mutual respect and non-interference in each other’s internal affairs. Are you getting us Mr. Oyet? SPLM would want to establish relations with any political party that demonstrates and reciprocates the same principles anywhere in the world. So, our relations are not just limited to CPC alone.

For the people of South Sudan to know, the People’s Republic of China started its work in Sudan in 1970s. South Sudan hospitals and department of agriculture benefited from Chinese doctors in Wau and Upper Nile during that time. This was in addition to support to health and agricultural institutions in northern Sudan by then. So, the CPC is not new to South Sudan. As we speak now, our country is receiving a lot of humanitarian support, health and education in addition to infrastructural development from China.

One would not waste time to talk a lot to address issues of a group that is worried about its unpopularity in the eyes of the people of South Sudan. Perhaps, it might be necessary to advise Mr. Oyet as a fellow citizen to stop committing blunders all the time and playing a victim’s role. The people of South Sudan have discovered you! In 1990s, you claimed that you were fighting to separate South Sudan while allying with oppressor in Khartoum to fight South Sudanese.

Today, you are refusing to register as a democratic player, you preach hatred and violence, your group members give SPLM members 24 hours to leave the areas under your administration, then you are beating the drum that the SPLM is not allowing a political space.

Understandably, it is true that you have misled the people of South Sudan twice to hate each other and commit a lot of mistakes. We have learned and we will never allow wrong things to happen again.

To people of South Sudan, we have learned from deceptions and confusion by this group all the time. Do not allow wrong things to happen again this time. I invite you for dialogue whenever there are symptoms of such lies and confusion. I need you and you need me. We need each other. I cannot do anything alone and also; you cannot do something alone. Together, we can sincerely build this nation.

Bol Makueng Yuol

Secretary for External Relations

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