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Aweil Traders decry soaring prices

By Hou Akot Hou

Traders in Aweil market of Northern Bahr El Ghazal state have complained of hike in commodity prices as a result of the Sudanese war which paralyzed cross-border trade preventing entry of goods.

Adam Musa, a trader, said the Sudanese conflict is affecting the people in Aweil indirectly.

“Basically, since the war erupted in Khartoum, buses have not been coming with goods from Sudan, yet our business is dependent on the imports” he said.

According to Musa, the market is getting empty, while the rate of dollar also impacting negatively on the economy.

Musa disclosed that goods like onions, sugar and other assorted items are no longer trickling in only that the bags of maize flour are being brought from Uganda.

Another Arab businessman urged the Sudanese warring parties to stop the war so that their lives flourish through their transactional undertakings.

Moreover, the local residents not only blame the high rates of prices in the market on the war which is raging in Sudan but do level the excuse also on unregulated prices of goods by the state’s government.

Aweil resident, Regina Achol Lual, a teaseller, says the situation is getting out of control.

“Getting sugar, coffee and even jerry cans of water to make tea is increased. They tell us that the road that is a lifeline is closed. We are dumbfounded of what to do,” she lamented.

Santino Akot, the Director General in the State ministry of trade, acknowledged the problems people are facing, saying the government aspires for calm to return so that goods get into the state as usual.

Akot said the state government is looking into ways of supplying commodities through other means if the war doesn’t end soon.

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