A Need for reform in our public institutions

By Tong Akok Anei Mawien

In this fast-changing world, government and public institutions are the key drivers in providing services to the people; they are the references to the challenges facing communities in regard to solution provision. This is the main core of their institutionalization by the government from the first point:  yes, we have our public institutions, established and funded by the government; yes, we have their leadership employed; yes, their physical infrastructure is established; nothing lacks in their existence, though not to the maximum expected in either terms; still, the facts remain that they are existing; we have government public institutions representing every sector that is of special need in community prosperity and living. What is expected from these institutions is rooted in the provision of adequate services and a modern approach to our daily challenges. But, somewhere, sometimes this expectation is not portrayed by our public institutions, simply because their operationalization is not keeping up with the modern world.

The public institutions of 1920 are more different from the public institutions of today, simply because the community setup changes drastically, there is improvement in the way of living, and new discoveries in the technological sector change the way we approach our daily challenges. The community changes socially, economically, and politically, so the operationalization of these institutions should be adjusted based on these changes. Some of our public institutions don’t have outlined missions, visions, and objectives that the employees work towards achieving. It’s absurd to be forwarded by a senior ministry official because he or she could not present the objectives and mission of the ministry in which he holds a big position.

Reform our public sectors, lay off incompetent workforce for every sector to be effective in providing adequate services,  this positions below minister are the technical positions that are providing the technical work that is needed  for that particular ministry, unless with our common disease of miss-equating professionalism with Job (engineer become a doctor and the reverse is true) let the research leads in all activities, in this modern world research is the basis for decisions making in every sector, this is because one has to first get  an insight of the problem before deciding how to tackle it, very few of our public institution only embarks  on  research before making decisions but many of them operate in the wilderness and take reckless decisions sometimes. Associate every institution with academicians who have what it takes to facilitate a helpful decision in that particular sector.

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