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South Sudan returnees receive aid

By Yien Gattuor

Over 10,000 Returnees who fled fighting from the neighboring Sudan and now camped in Unity State Rubkona County have received food and non-food assistance.

The humanitarian assistance was donated by the state government to the returnees in Rotriah Payam, north of Rubkona County in Unity State.

Peter Bakuony, the press secretary in the office of Unity State Governor, said the State donated 1,200 bags of Sorghums to the returnees who recently escaped war in Sudan.

He added that other partners like International Organization for Migration (IOM) also donated plastic sheet, mosquito nets, blankets, sleeping mats, Jerri cans and buckets.

“We only donated food assistance and Non-food food items to 10,000 individuals who were registered returnees of which we have managed to register 1,200 households equivalent to 10,000 individuals,” said Bakuony.

“We distribute food assistance through household, one household getting one bag 90kg of Sorghum” he continued.

Mr. Bakuony however noted that the returnees who have not been registered in Rotriah are believed to be many.

He also stated that plans are underway to distribute land to registered returnees who came from Sudan and settled in Rotriah North.

“All humanitarian partners and governor of Unity state are responding to rescue returnees from hunger and starvation including shelters and protection,” he added.

Hundreds of the war escapees who returned from Sudan lack basic needs such as food, water and shelter as the number of daily arrivals keep on increasing.

The national government in Juba confirmed last week, that more than 70,000 people returned home from Sudan following outbreak of gun battle that ensued on April 15 and rages on in the Sudanese capital Khartoum and other cities.

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