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Business Tycoons in South Sudan

By Tong Akok Anei Mawien

The businessman or woman is a person who in sequence excel in numerous businesses, accumulating the profits gained in his/her businesses, this businesses does not erupt overnight and rain with profits, it is at gradual development from one stage to another, most of the real world businessman and woman can elaborate their successes in business field in a lengthy stories, this stories can be in stage by stage pin pointing clearly how they succeed, it is like academic attainment, one could not achieve a degree without passing from basic education and if it happened by some sort of a Miracles, then, this is what they called fake documents, it is not the documents that is fake itself but the methodology of attaining that document.

The only businesses that can excel overnight is the inventions, more especially the technological inventions  can Excel within a short period of time after the inventions,  but this is also attached  to the time of putting this inventions together either theoretically in academic field when studying it or on its practical formation when putting un-existence things together, this means that even inventions does not erupt overnight but at the gradual process of  thinking and physical formation, it also has it’s long story.

Though one could spent half of his age pursuing business successes, still at last when obtained, the methodology of the attainment will still be investigated and can still nullify the wealth gained as fake if from unrecognized way and that is why in some world where accountability is strengthen, before one top the list of wealthiest business dudes, his/her business flow will first be investigated, the source of his/her income, the business in operation and so forth before he/she had to be crown as a millionaire or billionaire.

It is only in Africa where the wealthiest tycoon does  not come from businesses fields but from governments, where one shouldered both  business and government duties- even Trump decline from his business leadership and assume public office duties as president- South Sudan is not in exception, we have a lot of business tycoons who erupt overnight and swim in a pool of money, their methodology in attaining this wealth is fake and hence their business are fake-many of them  are not businessman/woman but they are just Dealers, some of them can partially meet the requirements of that title. They are just dealers who persuade the government to be awarded with lucrative projects they won’t deliver. The businesses our tycoons, philanthropist, businesses man/woman owned should not be equated with the wealth of money the possess, it’s far very different, you get one without clear businesses or projects and he/she is business tycoon. Our government should be kin enough in awarding public projects to these business fellows.

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