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South Sudan Cabinet Passes Aviation Act

By Philip Buda Ladu

South Sudan council of Ministers has passed an amended Civil Aviation Authority Act 2012 with provisions of the revitalized agreement to bring reforms into the country’s aviation sector.

The amendment act, passed in Friday’s regular cabinet meeting chaired by President Salva Kiir, is yet to be tabled before the transitional national legislative assembly.

According to minister of information, Michael Makue Lueth, the minister of justice and constitutional affairs, Ruben Madol will table the bill to the national Assembly for scrutiny and ratification.

“The bill provided for a system for the establishment of the aviation authority; it provided for ensuring aviation safety. It provided for the security of the airborne passengers at the airport,” the minister stated.

Minister Makue added that the act, once passed, will also “provide for compliance with world aviation standards.”

The Civil Aviation Authority Act is an existing act that is being “amended in accordance with the provisions of the agreement.


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