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The Danger of Alcohol and Drug Addiction

By Joseph Akim Gordon

When life situation becomes tough and unbearable as result of social and economic hurdles, there is often a feeling of isolation and rejection. The tough going makes an individual to have fewer friends, and to isolate from parents and relatives, assuming that everybody hates him or her because of the nature of life he/she is pursuing as such life becomes worthless for this reason the victim will often consider committing suicide because of thinking that he has nothing left in the world.

The logical conclusion is that in reality when you develop this character you will have fewer friends, the experience in life is that when you become alcoholic and drug abuser you will have fewer friends only those who are also alcoholic and use drug like you, as such your world becomes too small. It is worth to note that a poor and rich person do not have common vocabularies as such cannot share same platform. The rich will talk about building a concrete house and buying most expensive vehicle while the poor will be talking about how to get the next meal and often complaining about the basic human needs for this reason the rich and poor do not have common platform.

Life is complicated when a good friend appointed to higher position in politics , in military or any other senior position , he/she will reduce or abandon the old friends,   others will pretend of not knowing the old friends and he/she will only associate with  people with the same ranks or people senior to him/ her, once they are dismissed or replaced from such position then will gradually  try to mend the broken relationship which sometimes is difficult , that is why it is said when you climb up the  hierarchy  into senior position keep your old relationship because when you loose the senior position your old friends and colleagues will welcome you into their midst and often sympathize with you  .Whenever you have increasing social and economic problems excessive consumption of alcohol and drug use is not a solution to your problems instead when you become alcohol and drug addict ,   it is associated with  health problems , your health immunity  against disease infection is compromised , the victim is likely become impotent that means you loose your sexual ability and other medical complications

Alcoholic and drug addiction is not only confined to the poor there are professional who have become victims of alcoholic and drug addiction, reducing their professional competencies, we have noted that there are people in our communities with professional career chose to become addict for instance those in medical professionals knowing very well the danger of too much consumption of alcohol and drug when they are fully aware of the danger connected with alcohol addiction.

Moderate consumption of beer or alcohol for entertainment is not a bad idea that is why some politicians take small quantity prior of delivering a speech but when the audience notice the signs of drunkenness otherwise your speech will be nullified. In many cases people take too much alcohol or beer on pretext to overcome problems or to find solution for problems on political, economic or social problems. But the reality of the matter is that when you become sober the situation remains the same the alcohol or beer have not taken them away. The victim of alcoholism makes the individual becomes a slave to alcohol and the body system becomes paralyzed totally depend on alcohol. What are the causes of alcoholism and drug abuse, it includes family break down or separation, bereavement, the inability to bear children, financial burden, academic failure, unemployment, impotence and war fatigue those are primary factors that drive people to alcohol and drug addiction?

In general terms consumption or beer in small quantity is a good idea, taken after meals that allows reasonable discussion on important issues on socio-economic and political development and making some strategic plans. Alcohol consumption is however controversial, religious groups forbit its consumption on moral ground some religious revivalists condemn people who consume alcohol, it is believed that beer and alcohol is bad or dangerous, it is only those who mis use beer or alcohol to cause social ills should be condemned

Certainty under the influence of alcohol or drug in many cases the drunkard commits crimes like rape or killing fellow human being they become too brave to slaughter a human being in which when they become sober, they regret for the crime they have committed. For this reason, to those who consume alcohol and encourage them to commit crimes should not take alcohol or drug. While some religious group condemn the consumption of alcohol while Jesus Christ himself allowed the consumption of wine or alcohol, he changed water into a good wine to entertain a wedding party (1John 2: 1-10) that alcohol or wine is reported to bring pleasure (Psalm 104: 14-15) St. Paul also confirmed that wine or alcohol is good for health   he advised his friend Timothy to take little wine for curative purpose. But for our case it is difficult for us to quantify small amount, how small is small, it might mean different quantity to different people one glass or one battle of wine or alcohol might be small to other people and too much to others.

In conclusion the bottom line about alcohol and drug addiction the best option to disassociate from consumption of alcohol and drug because the danger associated with health and impotency and criminality once one has total drunk, he/she becomes brave in committing crimes. Many are languishing in prison for life imprisonment they regret very much for their action and very much condemn alcohol that encourage them to commit such crime those under the influence of alcohol do not respect rule of law.

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