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Don’t give fish, give a hook

By Tong Akok Anei Mawien

Naturally, all the animals and birds provide their young ones with food in their early lives, the practice that nature taught them, pass on from generation to generation, but once transiting into adults hood, their elders would take them into their natural schools, teaching them with tactics, how they  would pursue the prey, how they would ambush their prey and detect the trap that would end their  life-that is why most of the animals and birds are independent at their adulthood, this is successful because no change in their natural setup, no animal would thing of buying food or obtain it in any other means apart from hunting, so, not  even  birds and animals  would  love to care or provide food to someone for ages

In contrast to our next creature which is human being, it is in another way, yes it is an obligation to direct parents to bring up and teaches their young ones the way of life, they are the direct reference to any character or success posed by an individual as people say they are reflected in their early teaching-but sometimes the field and environment differ, a Cattle keeper would not advise his/her son on the best ways to excel in town or does a person from town adequately orient his child on cattle living, this environmental difference impact these young ones who are maneuvering to different life setup, the life which is not the life they were brought up in or taught, some of them might be still discussing how the rear cattle back in those days, or any other local practice as the way of their lives in the community, that is not bad but not applicable in that particular environment,

Therefore why don’t we commit to our flexibility, by teaching our young ones how to excel well in town,  teaching them how to fish not giving them fish, commonly in our South Sudan, you may get more youth gathered in uncle’s house without clear plans and the uncle in return is not teaching them how to fish but providing them with daily meals, our young man who is partially creative is not backup, we all seek for donations, charity, well-wishers  we have a lot of inmates and free green lands and we are unable  to produce our self a food, we have everything it’s take to  make the country glittering but we don’t focus and teach our self how to exploits them, let’s learn not to give fish, but to give a hook, no one would want to be bagged by the Same person frequently and no one will come from heaven to tells us these fresh natural resources are what is needed to develop our nation like other nations we run with perceptions of being developed.

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