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Farmers receive agricultural implements

By Yien Gattuor

At least 26,000 farmers who are food insecure in South Sudan’s Unity State have received crop kits and farm tools.

The agricultural implements were distributed to the farmers by the state Ministry of Agriculture, environment, and Forestry in partnership with the United Nations Agriculture Organization (FAO.

Director General at the Ministry of Agriculture, Mr. Wador Yak Mak said the State government in collaboration with FAO, distributed seeds and farm tools to 26,000 farmers.

“We distribute crops seeds, and farm tools to only 26,000 individual farmers who are registered,” he said.

Yak said about 5,000 farmers registered in Mayom, 4,000 in Rubkona, 2,500 in Guit, 3,500 in Mayiardit, 4,000 in Leer, 3,000 in Koch and 4,000 in Panyinjar counties.

“We distribute crop seeds, and farm tools to assist these farmers improve their own food in the next season,” Yak underscored.

One individual farmer got one crop kit of 5 kg seeds and one farm tool.

According to Yak, there are still many farmers believed, not registered in all seven counties.

He also said that plans are underway to distribute fish nets to the same registered farmers who also practice fishing.

“All humanitarian partners, UN agencies, UNFAO, and the Ministry of Agriculture, Environment, and Forestry in Unity State, are responding to rescue farmers from hunger and starvation,” Yak explained.

Meanwhile, Ms. Sarah Stephen, one of the farmers in Guit County, confirmed, she received crop seeds and farm tools.

Unity State farmers always have the privilege of getting support in terms of agricultural implements every year during the planting season.

The routine distribution is aimed at empowering the farmers in the state to provide their food to fight food insecurity.

“We, the farmers, are giving thanks to the Ministry of Agriculture and UNFAO in Unity State for giving us wonderful crops, seeds, and farm tool assistance,” said Sarah.


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