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Abyei to train traditional chiefs

By Ngor Deng

At least nine traditional chiefs and members of other local courts in Abyei Administrative Area will be trained on the customary laws, according to the Ministry of Local Government there.

Abionweng Majiith Diing, the recently appointed minister of local government, said members of the town courts are also attending the training at the ministry’s offices in Abyei town.

The minister noted that the training is to build the capacity of members of the local courts and the chiefs to improve their performance and responsibilities to the communities.

“We will work collaboratively with the chiefs, and this is what I urge them to practice in their respective places of work. We want cooperation between customary courts and Abyei county courts,” the minister added.

In another development, Abionweng also revealed the plans to establish additional courts in Mijak, Abathok, and Rum-Amer counties.

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