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Gov’t sets guidelines for cattle herders

By Hou Akot Hou

Northern Bahr El Ghazal State, Ministry of Animal Resources and Fisheries has set rules that every resident has to observe during the farming period.

The guidelines include protecting domestic animals including cows, goats, and sheep being herded by the boys or any cattle keeper not to destroy the new farm’s produce.

Luka Manut Jel, the director general of the ministry, told the media in Aweil on Tuesday that it was improper for many individuals to drive their cattle along pathways that are close to farms.

“As you have your cattle at home, you have a path where they go to graze in Dinka; we called it ‘Akurok’. We urge people to make paths for cattle to pass so that the crops are not destroyed,” he advised.

“We also want our farmers to create wide roads where cattle pass so that problems never arise among the farmers,” he added.

Mr. Jel said that any farmer who is found breaching the order by cultivating paths where cattle go to the grazing land will be fined.

“If you fall prey to us, we will fine you 30,000 SSP, as we have pronounced it clearly,” he said.

“Why cultivate where the cattle pass?” he questioned.

The farmers welcome the order, saying the cattle keepers have to heed the call as many cases arise during the farming season among the cultivators over arable land-related factors.



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