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South Sudan MPs seek to regulate gambling

By Bida Elly David

South Sudan Lawmakers are in the process to enact laws to regulate activities of gambling companies in the Country.

Members of the national parliament, on Wednesday listened to a motion on the activities of betting and casino companies that seem to operate without restriction and levies.

The motion was aimed at mitigating crimes, controlling children as well as generating revenues for the government.

A member of Assembly Committee of Information and Communication technology, Nelson Otto Ongang said sports betting and Casinos, which are most popular in South Sudan, operate without regulation.

He observed that lack of effective legislation has negative impacted on the public as young people become too engaged and addicted to spending household and personal finances in the game at loss.

“Negative effects are loss of jobs, relationship breakdown, health problems, depression and stress which could lead to suicide, the MP noted.

Otto stressed that sports and casino betting companies have often abused the social norms by allowing children in their activities.

Hon. Otto noted that gambling has further increased domestic violence, stealing of household items, increased school dropouts and decrease savings.

The Lawmaker said that actors in the enterprises are believed to have been operating without paying tariffs to the government yet as a global business it’s subjected to excise duties.

“In Kenya, gambling companies are regulated through licensing report that charges 15% of revenue generated from betting and gambling,’’ he cited an example from regional countries.

In addition, the lawmaker said Kenyan gamblers pay 25% tax on which the betting companies are required to withhold and remit to revenue authority.

He further added that the National Revenue Authority (NRA) is facing hardship over tax collection from betting companies due to the absence of laws.

Otto claimed that betting prizes winners have not been getting justice due to lack of laws guiding gambling trade.

“There are cases of winners not given the whole amount of money they win and are told to go home following denial of their rights,’’ he said.

The lawmakers resolved, after the deliberation, that a law must be enacted to regulate gambling in the Country.


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