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South Sudan Parliament summons Security Ministers

By Bida Elly David

Three security Ministers have been summoned to appear before legislators to answer questions concerning a recent surge of insecurity across the country.

Minister of Defense and Veterans Affairs, Chol Thon Balok, Deputy Minister of Interior, and the Minister of National Security are to appear to answer questions on the murder of 30 people in Warrap State.

The ministers are also expected to respond to invasion of Ambororo rebels of Central African Republic into Western Equatoria State, causing havoc the area.

MPs summoned the minister after a presentation of an urgent motion of security concern, that civilians were murdered, and cattle looted by gunmen in Akobo Payam of Tonj-North County of Warrap State.

Another urgent concern was also raised over havoc caused by Ambororo cattle herders in Western Equatoria State.

The August House, resolved, after deliberation on the motions, to summon the two security ministers to explain the reasons behind the alarming insecurity.

Hon. Cornelius Mawien, who represents Tonj North County at the national parliament, raised the urgent motion, termed the Akobo cattle-related incident, a heinous, inhuman, and deadly attack.

“On June 3, 2023, an armed group, in military camouflage, emerging from military adjust in Mayom County of Unity State, attacked Akobo Payam of Tong North, killing 24 people and wounding more than a dozen,” he stated.

The lawmaker noted that the area has experienced repeated attacks since May, this year, which is still ongoing, and as a result, more than 30 people have been murdered and cattle taken.

“At the moment, it appears that there is no sign of the presence of government at the border of Warrap and Unity States,” Cornelius wondered.

He disclosed that a tribe and a section known as Jurman-Anger bordering Warrap and Unity State have been victims of all the historical conflicts at the border since 2005.

“This section or tribe has never experienced peace since the days of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement.” They did not get any peace dividend because their area is a fighting zone,” he hinted.

Hon. Cornelius requested the August House to summon the governors of Warrap and Unity states, the minister of defense, and the minister of interior to explain.

“I recommend the formation of an investigation team, headed by minister of interior to prove the repeated attacks and report back to the August house within 30 working days,” he submitted his motion.

The lawmaker further recommended deployment of South Sudan People’s Defense Forces (SSPDF) jointly with the police at the border, between Mayom and Tonj Counties to act as a buffer zone.

“The minister of defense should be accompanied by his two commanders who are in the field. Brig Gen. William Manyang Yak, SSPDF division 4, and Maj. Gen. Deng Mayik Mayai, SSPDF division 11, These commanders were in their vicinities with the two governors,’’ he added.


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