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The tower without stairs

By Tong Akok Anei Mawien

It is believed the foundation of our tower was 1983 the year of fall out, this year marks the cornerstone of our present tower, it is the year that we all pick the idea of building our own tower, the tower whose rooms were to be free from bed bugs, mosquitos. The tower whose rooms would have had a beautiful ventilation window, that would bring in the odor of the morning rose from the river Nile to a white man who just beg for a night beside the river Nile, it was a dream either to achieve or to die.

The desire and the love to achieve this magnificent dream facilitates all the efforts cast towards its completion, people fall in laying the tower’s brick, animals survive on people who go plumbing for its timbers, while others get lost on their way to its working area, still, our women thought and say, though they die, a death of good cost, they will die and we will produce more from our own womb for our only theme is to see this tower standing tall. And indeed Through pain, agony, and bullying, the tower stood tall un-plaster, the world sees its peek when waking up in the morning, and as the world blinks its eyes cleaning away the darkness towards un-ever seen tower, it’s welcome the viewer with a beautiful swimming pool beautifully pegged on its roof (River Nile), everyone around the world wish to swim in for its view is unique, it’s water so clean and it’s bay quench the pleasure of nature.

Yes, the tower stood tall un-plaster, 2011 comes the year of plastering, the same workers took up their shovels, rakes and complete the tusk adding the beautifying architectural colors, its beauty among other towers is amazing and at last ready for residency. As the people who work the work gear to be comfortably accommodated, the raw ensue, the lazy goons who were nesting and eating either leftovers in other land towers seek to be accommodated at the upper part of the tower claiming they knew climbing stairs faster and professionally, they were given that upper area with some other real workers while other outstanding workers were accommodated on the ground floor near the parking areas, alas, as the dust settles and everyone was to fill his room, it was realized that the whole tower lacks leading stairs, no upstairs right from its bottom to the top. No way could the top area be accessed…….

To be continued

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