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Aweil East commissioner begins work

By Hou Akot Hou

A newly appointed commissioner of Aweil East County in Northern Bahr El Ghazal State, Mr. Karbino Thiep Tong has taken office, effective from Monday.

On Monday, he was eventually given the keys to the county seat at Mabil, the capital of Aweil East County, in company of several members of the state cabinet.

Kiir Yor Lual, who is presently the executive director in the president’s office, was succeeded by Mr. Thiep who was sworn into office over the weekend in Aweil Town.

He was sworn in alongside some ministers who were appointed with him, such as Minister for Land and Housing Dominic Kang and Minister for Labor and Public Service Daniel Deng, among others.

One Aweil East resident, Achol Longar Akuoc, who waited for hours, along the highway told this outlet via phone that she got exhausted but finally the commissioner made it to their homeland.

Akuoc said the commissioner was received by a mammoth number of people, including chiefs, women, school-going children, government officials, and other from neighboring counties.

“It was a terrific welcome for the commissioner. He was made to jump over the bull, which signifies peace, and he proceeded to wave for everyone before addressing the crowd,” she explained.

Longar added that she hopes the commissioner’s pledges of stretching service delivery and gearing a fight towards hunger are things they will witness during his tenure of office.


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