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Motorist dies in a crash

By Yien Gattuor

A tragic head-on collision involving a motorcycle and a national security service vehicle in Unity oilfield, Rubkona County, Unity State, has left a 23-year-old boy dead and another man injured.

The incident occurred on Saturday, according to the traffic police authorities.

The deceased was only identified as John Bol.

Speaking to the No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper in Rubkona on Monday, the State Director of Traffic Police, Domai Dak Kai, blamed the road accident on over-speeding.

He said the road accident occurred between the Unity oilfields and the Rioriak Payam area.

“There was a national security vehicle moving in high speed from Unity Oilfield to Rioriak Payam; it was not a convoy truck, it hit the motorcycle and killed the rider, and one passenger sustained injuries,” Dak narrated the incident.

The traffic police officer painted the picture that the incident occurred amidst dust fumes on the road.

According to police, the accident happened around 10:15 p.m. Saturday night.

“The injured passenger is now under treatment at Bentiu State Hospital,

Dak disclosed that the national security vehicle driver was arrested pending investigations.

“After the incident, the first thing we did was arrest the suspect, and he is being detained at Bentiu police station until the investigation is completed,” Dak noted.

The traffic police officer extended his condolences to the victim’s family and urged them to remain calm as investigations continue.

Dak warned drivers against over speeding.

He also underscored that motorcycles are only allowed to carry one passenger at a time.

Meanwhile, Taker Riak Koang, the chairperson of motorists in Unity State said that accidents are common between Unity Oilfield and Rioriak Payam due to over-speeding.

“I condemned the deaths of my colleagues who were killed by a national security vehicle in an accident on Saturday,” he said.

Taker is now appealing to the government of Unity State to give directives to company drivers to drive at a minimum speed while at the distance between Rioriak Payam and Unity oilfield.


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