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Drink whatever the world brews for you

By Tong Akok Anei Mawien

Naturally, we live in a natural setting; nature is a systematic setting or designed setting that is unchangeable and unaltered; no one can arrange or rearrange whatever will happen to him or her or whatever he or she will achieve; one has to be content with natural outcomes, supported by some actions, whether you like it or not.

In the light of this temporal world to one’s life, sometimes we grieve and sometimes we feel happy, while at times we feel hungry, sad, as well as sometimes satisfied and funny. All this is bound to the lifespan of every man; no one could ever skip this; even the luxurious man goes sad and hungry sometimes. Every surviving man has to go through all these stages, not by personal choice but by natural setting. All of this has a great impact on one’s life, depending on how you care for them. If you care for them, if you care for them, then they can terminate and end one’s life. Therefore, it only depends on how you handle and shift their bad impact into strength because it only takes sadness, hunger, happiness, joy, and many other feelings to balance the life of a man.

In our streets, you may find a lot of insane and mad people loitering in the neighborhood, in the streets, and in the markets. Some of these people just need counseling and they can get better; others just need material support and they can also get better. This is not only limited to these areas; we also have some insane and mad people in good clothing in our households, on the streets, driving, and in the offices. These people are affected by a certain situation that they could not easily go about. Someone’s house stands amid rainwater; someone could not go back home with food for his or her kids; someone lacks words to tell the parents he or she is caring at home; how he or she fails to back them up and ends up feeling alone; how would you regard someone while walking on the streets who talks on his or her own, laughs, or just does unnecessary moves abruptly? This person is mentally disturbed; you find a lot of people in the offices and in the household who are mentally unstable and need psychological support.

Lastly, we all don’t know how the world operates with its own events, and if so, Drink Whatever the world gives you, play it cool, get to your feet, and regard these natural events as nothing; never keep or think about them when they pass. Many South Sudanese are in psychological trauma, and if we don’t enhance or provide easy access to counseling and other necessary support, the rates of madness and insaneness will likely increase.

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