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Governor fires minister of rumours

By Yang Ater Yang

Lakes State governor, Rin Tueny Mabor, has revealed he fired the Labor Minister, Mr. Jok Ayom Majak, because of “a plot to overthrow” his government.

The governor unveiled his fears during swearing-in ceremony of two newly appointed member of cabinet, the ministers of Labor, minister of Information and a Commissioner of Rumbek North County.

He disclosed recommending the firing of the former state minister of labor and public service, Jok Ayom Majak, because he was plotting a coup against him (Rin).

“I fired Jok Ayom Majak because he was lobbying for my position of governorship, and he did not come and tell me that he wants to be a governor, and I have told him if you want the governorship, then you come to me, and if you prove to take over from me, then I will recommend you,” Rin stated.

He urged members of his cabinet in the state government to be faithful, adding that if anyone wants his position, the individual must come to him directly.

Governor Rin Tueny urged the new entrants to serve the people of Lakes State with due diligence, despite difficulties.

He said the situation is quite challenging.

He said the selection criteria for the new appointees were through the recommendations from the people.

“You did not come out of the blue to recommend a person to be appointed as a minister; this is a process, and this comes through your community and your colleagues here,” Rin said.


According to the governor, the appointments are dependent on personal popularity and support among the community.

“I got you through these people, and you have a huge amount of support from people, especially the young ones,” he added.

The deputy governor, Poth Madit Dut, welcomes the reshuffle, saying it offered a better appointment to the council of ministers.

“Without any element of flattery, this is a very good step toward the direction of good governance,” he noted.

Madit, who is also a senior member of the main opposition SPLM-IO, underscored that good governance has so many attributes, and one of them is the quality of cadres employed to discharge their duties.

“We strive to provide good governance in Lakes State, and that’s why we assembled, and you are welcome to support the team,” he told the new state cabinet members.

He, however, urged the new ministers to synergize and collaborate around the chain of command, which will help them with good governance.

“We all know the government is formed by parties to the agreement, but we have chosen as a government in Lakes State not to focus much on politics,” he noted.

Meanwhile, the newly appointed minister of information, Paul Chanbiet Anyang, on behalf of his colleagues, commended Governor Rin Tueny for giving them the opportunity to serve their people.

“We are happy, and we appreciate our leadership for tasking us young people with able guidance and the entire leadership of this state to be part of the cabinet; we do not take it for granted,” he said.

He assured that they would cooperate with their colleagues in the cabinet and all government officials to ensure that the spirit of Lakes State leadership is protected.

The paramount chief of Malueth Payam in Rumbek North County, Mathiang Ater Chier, also appreciated the governor’s appointment of a new commissioner of Rumbek North County to stabilize the situation.

He said that for the last 2 years, the lives of people in Lakes State have been restored and that everyone in the community is now stable.

High court judge, Justice Mabeny Gabriel Kau, on Monday, administered the oath of office, taking segment of the ceremony at the state secretariat in Rumbek, as the governor and others witnessed.

In a presidential decree, Salva Kiir Mayardit appointed Chol David Majuec as Lakes state minister of labor and public service, succeeding Mr. Jok Ayom Majak.

Included in the list of new appointees, is Paul Chabiet Ayang as state Minister of Information and Communication on the SPLM ticket, replacing Samuel Maker Mading from the Former Detainees.

However, reasons have neither been advance to Samuel Maker’s sacking nor the change in political party for the position.

Meanwhile, Mabor Deng, among the new entrants takes the position of commissioner of Rumbek North County, replacing Mr. Arop Kumbai Dhelbeny, his predecessor.

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