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Governor sacks Juba City Mayor

By Kiden Stella Mandela

Central Equatoria state governor has sacked the mayor of Juba city council, Michael Lado Allah-Jabu from office.

Governor Emmanuel Adil Anthony sacked the city mayor along with his top cabinet officers that included the two deputies, and the executive chief.

Emmanuel Khamis Richard, the Commissioner of Lainya County has been assigned to take the responsibility of Juba City Council and supervise its general activities until the mayorship gap is filled.

The governor directs the State Ministry of Local Government and Law Enforcement Agency to take necessary steps to execute the Gubernatorial Decree pronouncements.

Rev. Martin Simon Wani has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Juba City Council.

In the gubernatorial order, the Position of the Chief Executive Officer of Juba City Council is upgraded to the Status of Director General in Grade “1” placement Ordinary.

The Gubernatorial Orders come into effect from Tuesday 27th June 2023 as signed by the governor of Central Equatoria state.


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