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Four suspected cattle raiders arrested

By Yien Gattour

At least four people have been arrested in Mayom County of South Sudan’s Unity State in connection to last week’s cattle raid in neighbouring Fulla State of Sudan.

Mayom County Commissioner, John Bol Mayak disclosed on Wednesday that the suspects from within the county were in police custody and that some cattle have been recovered.

About 30 cattle recovered from the suspects are in Mayom headquarters under the custody of the County authority.

“We are left to recover 120 animals, as the total of 150 was brought from the Messariya of Fulla State in Sudan” he said.

Commissioner revealed that investigations will be carried out once all the youths involved in the raid are arrested.

He noted that the police have identified the youth as criminals causing insecurity between South Sudan’s Unity State and Fulla State of Sudan, and they will be apprehended.

“When we arrest all the remaining 76-armed youth linked to attacks, we would have identified those creating insecurity among the two countries, South Sudan and Sudan,” he said.

“We are still looking for them to arrest them and investigate why they are creating insecurity among the two sister communities.”

Meanwhile. Kai Mead Makuei, a Unity State resident, appreciated the Mayom authorities for collecting 31 cows.

“I urged the governments of Unity State and Sudan to continue sharing the same spirit to protect our two sister communities from criminals on both sides.

Kai added that the insecurity was created by armed youth in Mayom and Rubkona Counties when they raided cattle in Fulla State of Sudan.

“The armed youth from Fulla, used to take revenge when their cattle were raided by armed youth from Unity State, he said.

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