Leaders demand resolution of long-standing border dispute

By Jurugo Emmanuel Ogasto.

Moyo and Yumbe districts local governments have threatened to petition the Ministry of Local Government over the long-standing border dispute between the two districts.

The border dispute has existed for decades.

The land in question lies between Lefori Sub County in Moyo District and Kochi Sub County in Yumbe District, which stretches to Kali in Itula Sub County in Obongi District.

According to the leaders, the dispute has continued to affect agricultural production and productivity due to tension among the residents in the area.

Mr. Williams Anyama, Moyo district chairperson calls on the government to end border dispute between Moyo and Yumbe once and for all since it has existed for a long time without resolution.

“What can’t the government do? To say, this is where the administrative boundary of Yumbe begins and ends; this is where the administrative boundary of Moyo begins and ends!” he wondered.

“If the government is aware and has answers to this problem, why is it not made public to avoid tensions between the two communities?” Anyama questioned.

He appeals to technical and political leaders of Moyo and Yumbe districts to work together as a team to follow the matter in the relevant ministries and come on the ground to verify the borderlines.

Yumbe district chairperson, Mr. Abdul Mutwalib also called for peaceful co-existence between the people of the two districts despite the unresolved border issue.

He noted that collaboration between the leadership of Yumbe and Moyo will not be taken for granted amidst the existing challenges.

However, Mutalib remarked that the border disputes are beyond the leadership of two districts, to handle.

“I have always said it to my people: these border disputes are beyond me as the chairperson of the district; they are even beyond the chairman of Moyo, because the law is very clear,” he stressed.

He alluded that the mandate of altering administrative boundaries from the districts, counties, and constituencies is not vested on local leadership.

“Ours can be proposals to the government and ministry of local governments. This mandate is vested in the parliament of Uganda through the Cabinet,” the district chairperson explained.

He adds that as leaders, the most important factor is to see continued peacefully co-existence of the people without confusion.

“We encourage the people to engage in agricultural production as being the only means of livelihood,” he stressed.

The Chairperson also reiterated the commitment of the people of Yumbe regarding the outcome of the border verification if the government takes action to resolve the dispute.

“If the border between Moyo and Yumbe is confirmed scientifically up to Aliodranyusi, I will make a submission to chairperson of Moyo to hand over the administration of the said area,” he stated.

“If it’s said Yumbe extends to Lefori, Moyo district Chairperson should also do the same for the purpose of saving our people,” Abdul added.

Mr. Mutwalib said, district leaders under West Nile Development Association (WENDA), need to petition the government to resolve border disputes so as to strengthen development in the region.

The leaders have planned to organize community dialogues in the affected areas to communicate a message of peace as they await the government’s commitment to addressing border disputes.

Mr. Bada Emmanuel, the councilor of Moyo Sub County in Moyo district, said there is a need for the two districts to continue offering services to the people in the disputed area.


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