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Farming begins in Jonglei State

By Manas James

Officials with Jonglei State’s Ministry of Agriculture say residents have started farming in parts of the state, following delayed and insufficient rains since the beginning of the year.  

Atem de Gak Atem, the director for mechanization and programs at the state agriculture ministry, said rains started at the beginning of the month of June bringing a sigh of relief to the local population.

“Since the beginning of this year, preparations by our people are outstanding but poor rains brought a setback,” he said

The farmers hope to receive rain this month to September to avert looming hunger.

“Our people plant indigenous varieties of cereals which take 3 months to ripen, meaning food would only be ready by October if people start planting,” Atem said.

According to the director, agriculture extension officers, are providing instructions to farmers across the 9 counties.

“I was in Twic East and soon I will be in Akobo to support our local farmers” the director explained his supervision trips to the counties.

He appealed that aid agencies should provide seeds and irrigation facilities when need arises, in case the dry spell continues.

Meanwhile, Mading Akueth, the state chairperson of the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC), said the situation in Jonglei is precarious.

“The situation is very difficult now in Jonglei State. We know the rains have delayed. And we are going to sit with partners on how we could intervene,” he noted.

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