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Muslim refugees request land for Mosque

By Hou Akot Hou

Sudanese refugees resettled in Wadwil, Aweil West County of Northern Bahr El Ghazal state, have requested local authorities for a space to erect a mosque in the area.

The appeal comes after the visit of the secretary for the Muslim community, Mr. Ibrahim Deng Akok.

He said on Saturday that the Muslim refugees have asked him to extend their wish to have the mosque at Wadwil to the host community.

Akok said the refugees have also appealed for the need to have a special school for their children known as “Khalowa”.

“They have sheiks in the camp, and what they asked me is that they need a school for children, known as Khalowa, and a mosque,” Deng said.

“They have Muhammod as a sheik and other guys who can render them the Quran while in the camp,” he added.

He also said the members of the host community have accepted to offer the refugees a plot of land as they are still living in the state.

“The community members have accepted to render them a plot as I consulted the representatives of the host community leaders,” Deng said.

According to him, the host community said that they don’t have any significant problems with the refugees, as they have not heard anything bad from them.

Secretary General of the Muslim community stated that the refugees expressed their happiness during the Eid al-Adha public holiday when he visited them.

The refugees were glad for the visit of Deng, who went all the way from Aweil to the camp.


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