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Violence claims over 120 lives in 4 months

By Ngor Deng

Over 120 people, both South Sudanese and Misseriyia tribesmen of Sudan, have reportedly been killed in Aweil East of Northern Bahar El Ghazel since April this year, a UN peace mission field office report has indicated.

Among these, 84 were South Sudanese, both civilians and SSPDF soldiers, and 43 were Misseriyia-armed men.

“Since April, about 47 SSPDF soldiers, 43 Misseriya tribesmen, 37 Dinka Malual community members, and 20 Gelweng youth have been killed in various incidents in Aweil East County,” the UN report said.

According to the UN report, many others conflict victims from all sides sustained injuries in these encounters.

The UN field office said a trend has emerged during the incidents involving the Misseriya and the SSPDF where the guns (reportedly four so far) of SSPDF soldiers killed have been confiscated by the Misseriya.

“The latest such incident occurred on June 23 in Warguet Payam, Aweil East, during which two soldiers were killed and their guns taken by the Misseriya, who fled the scene,” the UN report noted.

UN also accused the Misseriya tribesmen of attacking the SSPDF, confiscating their guns for protection of their cattle, committing hostilities against Dinka Malual.

The report further implicates the Misseriyia tribesmen of mounting illegal checkpoints on Aweil East-Meiram Road.

However, the Gelweng youths’ involvement is sighted as to defend the Dinka Malual communities and their cattle from Misseriyia attacks.

“This trend poses a security threat, especially to civilians, and could be compounded as the Misseriya seek to extend their stay due to the conflict in Sudan, the report added.


The Field Office, through the Civil Affairs Division, has undertaken a series of field missions to Aweil East, North, and Center counties to sensitize communities on peaceful co-existence.

UN field office also disseminates the resolutions of the 2023 Misseriya-Dinka Malual and Rezeigat-Dinka Malual Pre-Migration Peace Conferences to the communities.

It also continues to advocate with JBPC members of all the communities to resolve issues arising during the seasonal migration.

The UN field office urged all communities to cease revenge attacks and killings and to monitor and report on human rights violations committed during the migration period.

“There are Plans to conduct two long-distance patrols in Aweil East and North Counties in July for deterrence by showing UN presence and reassuring the populace,” the UN further disclosed.

UNMISS head of human rights department of in Aweil, Mr. Alfred Zulu, said the Misseriya apologized for the continued carnage against South Sudanese in Aweil East County.

A delegation of 15 members of Misseriyia headed by Bakar Abdhaljali, the chair of the Joint Border Peace Committee, tendered the apology and accused armed pastoralists, being responsible.

Alfred added that the Human Rights Department has observed an astonishing increase in the number of civilians and SSPDF soldiers who have been killed by the Misseriya Pastoralists ever since April 7, 2023.


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