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Well-wisher funds 15 year old boy’s knee surgery

By Ngor Deng Matem

Good Samaritans did not only live in the ancient times; others are amidst us, Mrs. Amuk Wol Mawien Ding, a South Sudanese lady, could be compared to the Biblical proverbial merchant, of Jesus Christ.

Despite the economic hardship across the country, Mrs. Amuk has offered SSP 1 million to support a 15-year-old boy currently admitted at Giada military hospital in Juba to undergo knee surgery.

Mrs. Amuk also offered SSP 500,000 to the online social media Facebook page called Aweil TV for publishing the news, where the mother of the patient appealed to the public for financial support.

The 15-year-old boy, Garang Garang, was involved in a motorcycle accident on June 20, 2022, at Guengkou in Aweil East County, Northern Bahr El Ghazal State.

According to the mother, the boy is in need of support.

Mama Abuk Akol Wol said doctors are demanding 300,000 SSP to do the knee operation.

The well-wisher, Mrs. Amuk, told the No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper yesterday that she is comfortable sharing the few resources she has with another family.

“I feel the pain the boy is in. The mother needs him the most, and she does not have anything at hand, so with the little God has given me, I have to share with them,” Amuk said.

“I am also giving 500,000 SSP to the Aweil TV Facebook page for showing the world the conditions the family of Abukdit and her son got themselves into,” Mrs. Amuk explained.

For her part, Madam Abuk Akol, the patient’s mother admitted at Juba military hospital, appreciated Madam Amuk for her generous support.

“God is great. I have nothing to say, but God will reward her,” she said.

Aweil TV was established in 2020, and it currently has over 50 followers.

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