News, Upper Nile State

Returnees in dire situation

By Manas James

Thousands of returnees who are seeking shelter in parts of Upper Nile State following the war in Sudan remain in dire need of humanitarian aid, local officials said.

Malakal town and Renk in Upper Nile State have been home to returnees and refugees since war broke out between Sudanese rival military factions on 15 April.

Luk Sadhalla Deng, the state information minister said they have received more than 100,000 returnees since April, and that their situation remained dire.

“A total of 117, 000 returnees had arrived in Malakal and Renk as of last week and every day we receive at least 2 boats full of returnees to Malakal,” he said.

“We thank aid agencies, but the problem is that the need of the returning population is overwhelming. Now, campuses of Upper Nile University and Buluk playground are full of these returnees,” he said.

The local official appealed for intervention.

“Humanitarian situation is dire. There is a shortage of food and health services. For instance, two children died while being ferried to Malakal. So, we appeal for more intervention,” he added.

One returnee, Theresa Daniel, also appealed for aid saying the situation is dire.

“Our situation is difficult. I survived the war in Khartoum with my children, but hunger is now becoming another war. Government should come to our aid,” she lamented.

She lamented her difficulty in beginning a new life back home since going to Khartoum since independence time.

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