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Acting city mayor bans nightclubs

By William Madouk

Acting Mayor of Juba City Council, Emmanuel Khamis Richard has issued numerous orders suspending all licenses for nightclubs and removing all street vendors in the city.

In the orders, after an emergency security meeting on Monday, Khamis, who is also the commissioner of Lainya County, directed the security organs to instantly implement the directives.

“All licenses for nightclubs are suspended, and all disco clubs are to be closed down until further notice,” partly reads the order seen by this outlet.

“Immediate instruction for all security organs to remove all illegal street vendors from all roads and markets in Juba City Council with immediate effect,” it added.

The acting mayor also ordered the security personnel to stop vehicles from double parking along main streets and to ensure that car washing along main roads is prohibited.

Mr. Khamis further informed all security organs to submit a daily security written report to his office.

He also ordered the closure of Mangalawi fuel station near Juba Teaching Hospital, adding that the market at Kator Block, which is undeveloped, should be used as a regulated temporary parking area.

“The security organs will constitute an emergency patrol force, and three vehicles will be provided,” Khamis stressed.

“Blocks are suspended from hiring trucks for garbage collection until further notice,” he continued.

The acting mayor also urged the security organs to prepare and submit a one-week security operations budget to the CEO of Juba City Council urgently.

Mr. Khamis, who filled Michael Lado Allah-Jabu’s shoes last week, had promised to uplift the face of Juba municipality, which is chocked by garbage.

While assuming his duties, he called for teamwork to effect robust transformative initiatives to change the image of the capital, making Juba clean, improving security, promoting peace, and boosting business in the town.

Mr. Khamis said all the staff of Juba City Council will no longer sit back in the office idly but rather put on overalls and gumboots and go to field work where trash is.

He also calls on security to monitor the staff’s performance.

“JCC will operate 24 hours a day; there will be no Sundays. There are people who will be on duty on Sunday and also staff on night shift, so we will work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,” he continued.

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