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Gudele One residents under eminent eviction

By Bida Elly David

South Sudan National police spokesperson, Maj. Gen. Daniel Justin alerts Gudele One residents to prepare vacating the area before law enforcement personnel implements court eviction order.

“We got the court ruling in our favor because those are citizens, as we told them before. We have the order to acquire that land back from the police,” the police spokesperson said.

According to the police, it was in 1970s that the Ministry of Lands and Physical Infrastructure allotted the land in question to the institution.

The police spokesperson notified the occupants to start preparing for departure before execution of the demolition order.

He said no compromise shall be rendered to any household and warned the residents against erecting structures of any kind.

“We are advising those who are there to stop any building except for us, the police,” he warned.

The police hinted that they have been lenient enough to allow the residents to vacate the land on their own.

“Because they are our citizens and it is rain season, we are asking them to arrange themselves such that they evacuate the place before forceful implementation of the order.”

Maj. Gen. Justin warned that structure in the area will be demolished following the court order.

“If they have construction there, they will be demolished as the court orders indicated in its ruling,” Justin echoed.

According to the police, January 2024 should be the date when all buildings on the land are demolished, and the land vacated.

 The police force, recently also issued a stern warning to some individuals accused of illegal occupation of a portion of Gudele One, that belongs to the institution.


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