Returnees appeal for assistance

By Hou Akot Hou

Sixty-eight returnees recently brought to Wadwil, to join thousands of others and refugees camping under dire humanitarian conditions are appealing for aid.

The returnees were transported to Aweil East as part of the integration process, but they could not locate their relatives.

Ngor Dut Ngor, one of the returnees, said during the day they sit under the trees, and no assistance is being given by the government.

“We just sleep under the roofs of the premises. And when the sun rises, we go and spend the day under the tree. Now we need assistance,” he requested.

Dut said that most of them go and work in the fields of the host community, but it is laborious enough.

“Some of us just go and collect the leaves and cook them. We suspect that it might be the cause of the death of the child who passed away over the weekend,” he exclaimed.

A six-year-old returnee child died over the weekend in Aweil East County headquarters, Mabil, reportedly due to dire conditions.

The deceased identified as Diing Kuac Garang was purported to have suffered from diarrhea until he succumbed to the illness.

Northern Bahr El Gazal State Relief and Rehabilitation Commission Chairperson, Mr. Dut Majokdit said they have not been notified about the presence of the new returnees at Aweil East County premises.

Majokdit says they are going to consult the aid agencies for supplies.

On April 15, Khartoum descended into chaos, forcing about 1.1 million people to flee their homes in Sudan.

Humanitarian agencies put the figures of returnees and refugees that had to South Sudan at approximately 150,000 people.


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