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Aweil runs out of Birth Certificates

By Hou Akot Hou

Northern Bahr El Ghazal State Ministry of Health has reported lack of birth certificate forms amid high demand from senior four and primary eight candidates.

This comes amidst high demand for the forms by S.4 and P.8 candidates in preparation for their final exams.

The state Director of Medical Commission, Hassan Bol Abdallah, said they have been issuing out the forms to nearly 200 students per day since June, until the stock got finished.

“We have realized that the parents never access the forms with the children early,” he said.

“They just shy away from coming to get the forms until the time for the exam.”

Bol said parents and their children wait until the last minute to crowd the commission for the age assessment forms, which result in incapacitation.

“Processes begin like now as the forms are required to be filled, then they have to rush, and they get us incapacitated for lack of forms that are brought from Juba,” he stated.

The medical commission director urged students and parents to cooperate with Ministry of Health, especially, the hospital commission for birth certificates, to get it at their earliest convenience.

The State director for quality Assurance, Mr. Ater Ather, confirmed the urgency for students to finish filling out the forms for upcoming exams.

“Yes, it is true that the primary Eight and senior four students have been asked to fill out the forms since mid-June, and time is running out,” he said.

Ather urged school administrators to help the students to give their bio data early so that the forms are filled out successfully before time elapses.

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