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South Sudan Marks Independence Anniversary in Style

By staff writer

Despite the absence of a central event, South Sudan marked its 12th Independence anniversary peacefully in a decentralized manner at states, counties and among social groups across the country.

In Juba City, July 8th night witnessed social places filled with jubilant citizens who waited to usher in the “BIG” day in their own fashions, galloping all sorts of drinks, punctuating it with gigs, till sunrise.

Motorists, in celebration mood, adorned their machines with national flags to coloured the occasion, traversing the city while playing typical music like “Celebrate” by Emmanuel Kembe.

Others did not forget the thorny road to independence and opted for “The Way” also by Emmanuel Kembe, in memory of the heroes and heroines on whose blood, freedom was possible.

Telephone companies never kept silent as they constantly stocked their clients with independence messages as if people were not aware of the day.

“Happy 12th Independence Day! Celebrate this remarkable day of freedom and Sovereignty with joy and Pride. We wish you a day filled with unity and peace,” reads one of the telephone company posts.

South Sudan did not get its independence in silver platter but earned through over 50 years of bloody struggles, starting in 1955 with Torit uprising. Late Dr. John Garang offered the last grit in 21 years’ tough surge.

President Salva Kiir Mayardit marked the event with pledge of peace to the nation. He also promised unfailing elections by 2024 to take the country into democratic rule of governance.

However, Central Equatoria state moved its celebration to Kaji-Keji County which displayed glamorous prospects peace and development.

Vice President for Economic Cluster, Dr. James Wani Igga and the CES state governor, Emmanuel Adil Anthony were joined by religious leaders, the county leadership and crowd of citizens.

Display of agricultural produce and Savings and Credit Cooperative Organizations were eye-catching segments while the booming market thriving with fresh food was a splendor and attraction to visitors.


Kajo-Keji residents showcased their agricultural produce during the independence celebrations/Photo: Denis Logonyi

Residents of Keji-Keji County not only celebrate the independence anniversary but use the occasion to showcase the abundance of their products as evidenced in pictures.




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