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Independence Day: Lakes State leaders pledge peace

By Yang Ater Yang

Citizens in Lakes State, including UN agencies and NGOs gathered at Rumbek Freedom Square to mark South Sudan’s 12th independence anniversary with a renewed commitment to peace and development.

The occasion was celebrated under the theme “Solidarity and Peace for a Developed Lakes State.”

Lakes State Governor, Gen. Rin Tueny Mabor said the historic day was to reflect on the journey to independence as a nation, celebrate achievements while acknowledging challenges.

He said citizens should renew commitment to build a peaceful and united South Sudan.

“On this day, our nation emerged as the world’s youngest country, born out of the aspiration and determination of our people and our struggle to realize our dream of self-determination,” he said.

Looking at the past and the progress made, Governor Tueny said they have established good governance, improved access to education and health care, and achieved road connectivity activities in the region.

“We have taken a step towards building the nation by promoting unity, diversity, reconciliation, and peaceful coexistence among our people,” the governor added.

He said it was important to acknowledge that the journey has not been without challenges.

“We have faced political, social, and economic hardship that has brought instabilities, but we remain resilient,” the governor said.

He urged citizens to work towards straightening institutions, ensuring good governance, and promoting the rule of law.

“We must invest in our human capital, provide quality education and health care, and empower our youth with the skills and opportunities they need to succeed,” Tueny said.

Governor Tueny further said they remember the sacrifice made by “our veterans and fallen heroes, especially our founding father, the late Dr. John Garang De Mabor.”

Carline Opoka, team leader of the Protection, Transition, and Reintegration section of UMISS Rumbek, calls for continued prayer and work with the people of South Sudan to achieve peace and stability.

“We want to promise you that as the United Nations, we are going to work with you and walk along with the current roadmap.”

She congratulated the governor of Lakes State and his administration for their efforts in making sure peace prevailed.

“I want to promise you that there is goodwill for South Sudan; there is goodwill for the international community; there is a lot of goodwill from your neighbors because on this journey you travel together with the international community and international organizations; there is a lot of goodwill to see the prosperity of South Sudan; God bless South Sudan,” Opoka expressed.

Meanwhile, the Chairperson of Lakes State Youth Association, Manesah Mathiang Mading, appealed to the government to create employment opportunities for the youth.

He also urged the youth to avoid criticizing the government under trees and in the market.

“Let us address our issues at such a function,” he advised.

Rumbek Central County paramount chief, Madol Mathok Agolder assured that they are going to cooperate with the government in fostering peace and unity among the people of Lakes State.

He called on police forces to protect their people, adding that the role of the police is to protect the lives and properties of citizens.



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