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Raiders kill one, part with 3,000 cattle

By Yien Gattour

A 55-year-old man has been killed and 3,000 cattle raided in an attack on a cattle camp in Mayom County of Unity State last Thursday, a local official said.

Unity State Ministry of Information Director General, Mr.Kuoal Keah claimed a group of armed men from the Garial East county of Warrap State attacked a cattle camp in the Mayom County.

“They attacked the cattle camp at around 5 pm on 6 July. We were not informed by authorities in Garial East County that there is armed youth from Garial East County to Mayom County,” Kuoal explained.

The local official pointed out that thel youth didn’t manage to recover the raided animals from the attackers.

The deceased was not identified.

Meanwhile, William Wol Mayom, the information minister in Warrap State denied involvement of youth from his state, in the said incident.




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