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VP Igga ignites hope for Juba-Kajo-Keji road

Gladys Fred Kole

Vice President for economic cluster, Dr. James Wani Igga has assured that the construction of Juba-Kajo-Keji highway will start soon.

He said a budget has been put forth for the construction of a highway, connecting Juba to Kampala through Kajo-Keji -Jale Afoji borders with Uganda’s Moyo district.

The VP for Economic Cluster, however, acknowledged that the status of roads and bridges in the county is devastating.

Igga stated that the budget for construction of the highway has already been allocated, pending release of finances for the work to commence.

“The construction is going to be tarmacked using cement properly and not anyhow; you people are tired of stones,” VP Igga said.

He further noted that when a good road is built from Juba up to Kajo-Keji, it will boost development in the county and restore the glory of the area that was once lost because of war and insecurities.

The vice president for economic cluster was speaking while presiding over as guest of honor on Sunday during South Sudan’s Independence anniversary celebration in Kajo-Keji.

Central Equatoria state celebrated the 12th independence anniversary in Kajo-Keji, under the theme “Consolidating efforts for sustainable peace and security for the dignified return of our people.”

The state governor, Emmanuel Adil Anthony, also reiterated ordering the state minister of roads and bridges to conduct assessment on Kajo-Keji -Limbe road, connecting to Yei County.

Meanwhile, Moyo district chairperson, Anyama William, who was invited to the occasion, urged the government of South Sudan to take the issue of road connectivity very seriously.

He underscored that South Sudan and Uganda have a lot in common.

“I request the government of South Sudan to expedite the plan for rehabilitating and constructing the Jale to Kajo-Keji-Juba Road into a tarmac road,” he said.

“That is one of the biggest requests we are putting forth; we know the importance of this road,” Anyama added.

The chairman stressed that Juba-Kajo-Keji highway; connecting Moyo district would be a vital economic infrastructure in the region to enhance cross-border trade and bilateral ties.

Kajo-Keji County commissioner, Phanuel Dumo, also emphasized the importance of the Juba-Kajo-Keji highway.

“Speed up the construction of the Kajo-Keji Juba highway,” the commissioner said.

According to Dumo, Juba-Kaji-keji route is the shortest to connect Juba to Kampala, compared to Juba-Nimule highway.

“Juba to Nimule is 125 miles, Juba-Yei to Kaya is 146 miles, and Juba-Kajo-Keji is 75 miles.

“Proper roads will link South Sudan, Uganda, and Congo, which will help boost the economy in terms of business,” Commissioner Dumo underscored.

Last year, the national ministry of Roads and Bridges contracted seven companies to carry feasibility studies of 7 road networks across the country, including the Juba-Kajo-Keji highway.



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