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Armed youth injure soldier, loot his fish

By Yang Ater Yang

Local authorities in Yirol East County of Lakes State said suspected armed youth from neighbouring Panyijar County, Unity State, shot and wounded a wildlife soldier, looting his sack of dry fish.

The incident reportedly occurred at 4:00 PM in Karer along the riverside near Shambe National Park on Monday along the road to Yirol East County.

James Achol Abok, the victim of an armed youth attack, sustained two bullet wounds in his right arm.

He told the No. 1 Citizen daily newspaper that he was shot twice in his right arm and that his sack of dry fish was looted.

The survivor said he identified the suspects as being from neighbouring Panyijar County in Unity State.

“Before they shot me and looted my bag of fish. They attacked another soldier who was travelling ahead of me, but they didn’t hit him with bullets,” Achol said.

“This incident occurred at 4:00 PM on my way from Karer along the riverside near Shambe National Park,” he said.

The survivor is currently receiving treatment at Yirol East County Primary Health Care Centre (PHCC).

“One bullet is still in my arm, and it needs to be removed,” he said. But another bullet has passed through”.

The executive director of Yirol East County, Dhuor Apiu, confirmed the incident that occurred on Monday evening.

“Yes, we heard that a wildlife soldier who was travelling from Karer was shot and wounded on the way near Yirol East County by the suspected armed youth from Panyijar county”, he said.

He further confirmed that the survivor is now at Yirol East County Hospital for medication.

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