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Independence celebrations leave two dead

By Hou Akot Hou

Tragic end: fatal accidents killed two people in Aweil south and Aweil North counties, marring the aftermath of South Sudan’s 12th independence anniversary celebration in Northern Bahr El Ghazal State.

Celebrants, who shared the day’s happiness at the freedom squares, were silenced on Sunday to somber mood after sad news of accidents that claimed lives of two people, trickle into the public domain.

The state director for traffic police, Mr. Angon Makor, told journalists on Monday that Sunday was marred with sorrowful moments in parts of Aweil South, North, and East counties.

Makor said that at one incident, a car rammed into a young girl, crashing her to death and the driver ran away for fear of revenge from the community.

“The young girl who was crashed by a driver in Aweil North at Gok-Machar is identified as Anok” the police officer identified the accident victim.

He said a similar incident also happened in Aweil South County.

“In Aweil South, we lost Abraham Lat Dut Maduok,” Makor added.

According to the police, on 9th July, during the celebration of the 12th anniversary, seven happened in Aweil East County.

“We got reports of seven serious accidents,” he reported.

State traffic police blame all these deaths on unruly behaviors such as not obeying traffic rules and driving at high speed in crowded places; adding delinquency is contributing to the deaths.

Makor said many young people never abide by what the traffic police tell them when they encounter them on the roads.

“Motorist drink and drive under the influence of alcohol” he added.

The traffic police officer appealed to the public to observe traffic rules.

Makor disclosed that the driver who killed the girl in Aweil North County is being interrogated and the law would take its course.


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