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Man kills lover, commits suicide-Police

By Bida Elly David

Police authority said a young man shot his girlfriend dead and committed suicide in Juba, during independence celebration.

Deputy Police spokesperson, Brig. Gen. James Dak Karlo reported the incident in his overall security report on commemoration of South Sudan’s 12th Independence Anniversary.

He said that the incident happened following a misunderstanding that ensued between the man and his girlfriend.

“The guy shot his girlfriend following a misunderstanding between them, and at the end he shot himself,” Dak said. “This was one of the serious issues that took place on the 9th.”

Brigadier General Dak, however, did not detail the major reason or the misunderstanding that led to such a brutal act of killing.

He noted that the police are still investigating the matter, and the findings will be communicated.

Mr. Dak condemned the tendency of young partners to act brutally among themselves in cases of misunderstanding in relationships.

The deputy police spokesperson advised that young men and women ought to be cautious and careful while taking decisions in their relationship journeys, particularly when they are under influence.

Dak underscored that terminating life is punishable according to the law and urged parents to be careful when handling their children when coming to social life and events.

He added that another related incident also transpired over the holiday season when a man exploded a grenade while they were on a trip.

Last year, the same related incident happened in Gudele, where a man in a club hit his girlfriend on the head with a bear bottle after noticing his partner dancing with a strange man.

Due to internal bleeding, the lady reportedly died, and the man was apprehended and handed over to the police authority despite attempts to abscond.


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